Get a Dart on the Dartboard

For a class I’m taking in the AMC program, I need to acquire several certifications in different areas of marketing. I chose to become an AMA Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing. This is a 32 hour course. I learned a lot, which I will further outline in other posts. For now, I’ll talk about what to do before a marketer even considers posting online.

To begin a digital marketing campaign, a marketer needs to have a business strategy. This happens before even considering posting something online. 

The business strategy defines the mission of the company. Keeping two things in mind while writing the business strategy will make the process go a little smoother:

  1. Follow the KISS method

A marketer should be able to refer to the strategy in casual conversation. If someone needs to read the entire briefing just to get the idea of the strategy, it isn’t simple enough. The idea should be easily summarized, and uncomplicated. 

     2. Things change

Having the ability to change and refine the strategy as the research becomes prevalent is key. Society changes, research is updated, and ideas blossom. When writing the strategy, being flexible in the wording can be to a marketer’s advantage, as this is developed. 

The idea is to just get the dart on the dartboard. Not worrying about making it perfect the first time is key to developing the idea and keeping your sanity. 

Stay tuned for more posts about what I’ve learned while acquiring this certification.

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